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ice elemental 5e

Curious to know what is ice knife 5e and for what is it used? If yes, we are going to help you get answers to all your questions.

Well, ice elemental dnd 5e ice knife is a world’s deadliest knife that was used by magicians, the wizard, and the family elemental evil players to do decent damage. It is exceedingly razor-sharp knife also known as Dungeons And Dragons (DnD) 5th edition.


If you’re concerned with a material component it is a drop of water or piece of ice. It is conjugation and the damage type is piercing and then cold. Maybe this is one of the very few spells and actually the old more than one damage type in a single class.

Let’s take a look at the mechanic’s here in terms of the damage it deals. But first, it’s a fact at a glance is as follows a hit or miss. The knife explodes affecting creatures within five feet.

Isn’t it interesting? So, let’s get deeper and know more about the mystery of an ice knife:

It’s Easy To Build A Gish In D&D 5e Ice Knife

  • Take a caster & select its weapon archetype. (except the one sorcerer have).
  • Get a non-magic class and grab its magic archetype (all but barbarian have one).
  • Get a non-magic class and multiclass it with a caster class ( you can work with many combinations).

D&D 5e Ice Knife

Ice Knife Dnd 5e - How it works?

The cast time is one action. Its range is 60 feet and an additional 5-foot sphere. The duration is instantaneous, the saving throw is dexterity and the components are somatic.

You made a shard of ice and throw it at a creature within a definite range. Do a varied ice knife spells 5e attack against the target.

On a hit, the target makes the piercing damage even if it hits or misses. The shard then burst. The target must die and each creature within five feet of it also dies.

5e Ice Knife

Key areas to prepare:

  • Line of Sight

  • Movement

  • Weapons and Spells of choice

  • Respiration

When you cast a spell using a spell slot of second level or higher the damage of the cold, damage increases for each slot level above first.

Very cool stuff! I really love this one so cool. So much fun to play with and so much great role play and formatting potential catch to it.

Let’s take a look at alternative uses here. The only alternative you supplied to really think of was maybe surgery. You know maybe. And even then I am not too sure how well it would work in comparison to a lot of other items.

I hope you have got a great idea of what ice knife 5e is all about. If you have any more ideas, please let me don’t know down in the comments section. I really appreciate it and I love hearing from all you guys.

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