Best Balisong Trainer

A Balisong Trainer is a charm for life!

The fascination which these balisong trainers carry is just marvelous. Any butterfly knife lover treasures his or her knife for life. The flipping tricks and fun that we gain from a balisong trainer are unmatchable. These knives can also be referred to as gravity knives that work by the inertia force when the blade is opened.

Their categorization can be on the basis of trainers and live blades. Basically, the core features of these knives are similar and are dull blade knives widely used for playing tricks, catching the crowd’s attention, and entertaining people or friends.

They are safe to use and have features that make keep them durable for with a long serving life.

We have tried to list some of the best balsiong trainers that could be of immense use for a beginner or an intermediate learner.

Best Butterfly Knife That Are Legal To Buy

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benchmade balisong trainer


The VORNEXX is a balisong trainer which features a non-offensive blade and works perfectly for beginners or intermediate learners. You can learn or get trained with this great balisong trainer without the hassles of getting hurt or bruised.

In times of danger this butterfly knife will prevent you from it while you are just a beginner. An unsharpened knife with a perfect balance and has a center of mass that is perfect too.

This makes the flips easy and the blade is of 4” and 60z. The Black Dragon is the improvised version of the normal butterfly

trainer and is made of stainless steel (404) and is durable to last long. The blades are not sharp and you can use them without any risk and safety. You can have hours of flipping fun without getting any cuts on your hands.

The intermediate users have this as their ultimate choice and come with an ergonomic handle that is polished and ever ready for fancy action. A butterfly knife lover will treasure this knife with happiness.


  • A non-offensive blade that is perfect for learning for making use of the real thing.

  • The VORNNEX has a perfect weight balance.

  • A durable knife with enhanced features and 404 stainless steel.

  • A safe knife that is secure on your hands and prevents cuts and bruises.

  • A perfect product for a butterfly knife lover and the handle is ergonomic and highly polished.


  • May get stuck.

  • A bit heavy in weight.

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bear and son balisong trainer


The SMASTORE is another trainer knife that is equipped with a dull blade of black color. This comes in a single piece and is constructed with stainless steel of superior quality. This is suitable for intermediate learners, freshers, butterfly knives lovers, and is safe for children also.

The trainers can practice for fun and flips and make their hobby a success. You can use this wonderful trainer knife without hurting your hands and fingers. The knife has an anti-rust and anti-slip feature.

You can give it as a gift to friends and family and will be seriously loved by them. The full length of the blade is 22.5 cm (open), with a blade length of10 cm, blade thickness 0.26 cm, the hardness of 55-57.

This requires the least maintenance and can be used by trainers and beginners with confidence. A durable knife for professionals for extended practice.


  • The material used for the construction of knife is stainless steel.

  • A product that is suitable for beginners, children, butterfly knives lovers and more.

  • Full length: 22.5CM (open), blade length: 10CM, blade thickness: 0.26CM, Hardness: 55-57.

  • This serves as a great gift for family and friends.

  • Balisong Trainer Practice knife for Professionals.

  • The knife has an anti-rust and anti-slip feature.


  • Overall a great knife.

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balisong trainer amazon


A folding knife without a blade is the ANH and is legalised in the US. No blade so chances of getting any cuts and makes you learn flips with convenience. Some wrong or poor flips might hurt you though. In case you are new then you can use a tape for on the trainer knife for your safety.

The trainer can help you in every way to learn with perfection, as initial stages might be a little tougher. This is another no offensive blade without any sharp edges to harm you in any way.

The ANH comes with anti-corrosion quality and the blade is not sharpened. Like other Balisong knives, this is also made with 440c stainless steel and doesn’t catch any rust. The weight of the knife is 5.83 oz and the beginners can learn a lot while using this.

The rule of the thumb is, lighter the knife the more agile it is for flips than the heavier ones that require a little more effort. You can have a strong feeling in your hands as the knife handle is equipped with holes to give a comfy and firm grip. The knife has enhanced screws and is a perfect gift for your family and loved ones.


  • A standard Balisong without a blade.

  • No offensive blade with no sharp edges to harm you.

  • You can bring perfection to your training without hurting yourself.

  • You can use it as a perfect gift for family and friends.

  • A durable knife made of stainless steel.

  • The grip is comfortable for your hands as the holes balance it.


  • May have defects as per reviews of some.

  • Over-all no cons as such.

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balisong trainer knife


As the name is the AQUEENLY is a beautiful and graceful butterfly trainer knife. The steel used to make this knife is stainless steel and is made by cold processing. The manufacturing keeps it sturdy, durable, wea-resistant.

This has non-break features and has high-hardness along with a burr-free handle that provides a comfortable grip. A safe unsharpened knife that can be safely used for flying.

Feel cool with this knife that flaunts catchy colors and can be stored and carried with ease. The knife can be folded and the size is 4.52”, expanding size is 8.46”. You can make your camping, hiking and outdoor excursions more interesting with this amazing knife.

An ideal product that can be used for gifting on occasions to your cool family members, friends, and loved ones. The company provides with 100% refund and warranty in case of any dissatisfaction with the customer side. After-sale service provided to the customers is worth appreciable.


  • This is a high-quality butterfly knife for training and made with cols processing.

  • No offensive blade with a comfortable handle.

  • The design is foldable and is available in eye-catching colors.

  • Company promises of best after-sale service and promises of a 100% refund and a forever warranty.

  • Can be used as a perfect gift for friends and loved ones.


  • The construction isn’t perfect.

  • The pins are bad.

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butterfly knife trainer


The Fecedy is a butterfly training knife that is equipped with an unsharpened blade and the design is as such. This is less in weight as the handles are skeletonized and comes in a set of two pieces. You can learn and perform flipping tricks to perfection.

For beginners it is recommended to perform tricks near the sofa (facing towards it), or make use of lawn area or carpet for preventing damages of any sort. The Fecedy measures 8.8″x 3.9″x0.1″ and is available in attractive colors of black and silver. The knife has anti-slip and anti-corrosion qualities that give a long-lasting life.

A durable latch in the tail of the knife helps in holding the knife while opening and locking securely. The company provides after-sale services and keeps its customers happy and satisfied.


  • The blade is constructed with metal and is not sharp and can’t be sharpened either due to its design.

  • Handle comes in a skeletonized design and the weight remains balanced for more flipping fun.

  • A set of 2 knives available in black and silver color.

  • The product dimensions are 8.8″x 3.9″x0.1″.

  • The durable tail latch helps in holding the knife firmly while opening and closing it.


  • Requires undoing of screws.

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csgo butterfly knife

6. Anlado Balisong Butterfly Knife

ANLADO balisong trainer is very safe for beginners, butterfly knife lovers, and even children. While learning how to use this knife, it keeps you away from any harm or danger (cuts or bruises).

It’s certainly a great idea to gift this knife to your friend who loves a butterfly knife. This butterfly knife trainer weighs 5,83 oz, 5” blade, and the center of mass gives the perfect weight balance to it for proper flipping purposes.

It is more durable as is made with 440 c stainless steel and has enhanced screws. Customer satisfaction is of utmost priority or refund is easily done as the happiness of a customer is of potent value.

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benchmade butterfly knife

7. AIFUSI Butterfly Knife Trainer

It has a non-offensive blade which makes it user-friendly. If this knife is in hand with a beginner, then all sorts of danger or harm are away. This butterfly knife is beautifully designed in a sleek shape.

It possesses premium quality. Solid pin construction along with the copper washer setup and a spring latch gives it a longer-lasting finish.

It is one of the safest knives and has zero risk factor. The knife possesses a perfect weight balance and a perfect mass at the center for easy purposes. This is a great gift for friends and family.

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is a butterfly knife illegal

8. Moon Boat 2PCS Balisong Knife

This is a high-quality knife with great features. It again has a non-offensive blade. The knife is brand new, durable, safe, and easy to use and can be used in a smoke-free environment.

The knife is light in weight as it has a specially designed skeletonized handle. The lightweight helps the user to use the knife with great comfort while performing flipping tricks.

The size parameters of the knife are 8.75” when it’s open and 5” when it’s closed approximately. It comes in a pack of two knives with a fine metal finish.


Investing in a training knife requires few important key points. We have tried to list down the very potent ones. Let us plunge in further:

A. The Material Of The Best Balisong Trainers

The material used to construct the knife should be of good and superior quality. This way the knife maintains its durability and has longevity.

May be some manufacturers these days might imitate the original balisong knife using materials of cheap quality.

Beware of these kinds of products and go for a branded product as the low-grade material might break with minimum pressure or jerks in few flips.

Don’t worry! The best ones are manufactured with detail and quality and will stay with you for life, adding more fun with every flip you make.

You cannot underestimate the capability of the butterfly knives as they are famous world over for their amazing flip tricks.

B. The Hinges Of The Best Balisong Trainers

Screws are a part of every balisong trainer and you may require some adhesive like Loctite to give them more stability thereby preventing the screws to fall out.

Certain dimensions for the Loctite-242 should be applied like a hex of 1.5 mm and 2 mm. Those balisong knife versions that have in-built screws (can’t be removed) are supposed to be the most durable. The balisong trainers last for many years if the screws are permanent.

It is preferred that the balisong trainers which have a non-screw feature should be avoided and the other should be chosen. The sturdy ones will serve you for a life time and remain loyal too.

C. The Legality Aspect

Whenever we talk about knives the legal aspect should be understood seriously to avoid any future troubles (fines, prohibition, etc.).

The laws and regulations should be strictly adhered to and if any state has outlawed a particular knife then one should not buy it. But the good thing is that the balisong trainers are legal in America and you can use them without any issues.

Why Are Butterfly Knives Illegal

D. Other Factors

There are many other factors such as the knife weight, handle comfort, folds, and more. They are mainly used for flipping and performing tricks.

So the lightweight ones will always bring agility and the handle comfort will make you have a firmer grip. It is entirely your personal preference that you want a dull blade balisong, with spring latch or a foldable one. Look out for the features that suit you the most and leaves you with comfort and convenience.


The word illegal simply means something which is forbidden by law, so then, why are butterfly knives illegal?

It becomes a matter of great concern when the legality of a thing is questioned, don’t you think so?

As the knives are scary so is this word illegal. Centuries back in 800 AD the butterfly knife came into existence in the Philippines. Though the origin of the knife is not completely clear as it is something ages back.

Balisong and Batangas are two more names attached to it. Structurally the knife was designed in a way that it could be opened quickly. The usage of this illegal butterfly knife is so easy and handy as a weapon.

It can be used single-handed. It is an ancient knife that can fit easily inside your pocket and can also be used for a variety of tricks and self-defense. To know more about butterfly knives, let’s consider the most famous knives along with their structuring and uses:

Why A Good Butterfly Knife Attracts People ?

Butterfly knives are one of the oldest and most desired of all times. Its flips and tricks can attract people. Most amazing and fabulous features are attached to it. Most importantly the varied types of butterfly knives which we have today are a fascination for any intermediate learner, trainers or experts to use for self-defense also.

Butterfly knives are illegal due to a few reasons, as the nature of this knife is a threatening one and it has an easy deployment. Few countries have outlawed it. But still apart from all these things this butterfly knife or the balisong is a charm for the learners and the trained ones to play flip tricks with it.

The Wrap Up

Add a new feel and look to your exemplary collection knives with a perfect and best balisong trainer. These knives will never let you down and will surely add more flipping fun when you are on the run to perform the one, and tricks that will bring jaw-dropping expressions to those who are watching.

If you are passionate about flipping the knives then these are the best to invest in for. Do follow the rules that govern your state before you finally purchase your favorite balisong. They are beautiful, comfy and durable, and grab one fast if you still don’t have one!