10 Best Concealed Carry Knives For Self Defence

Did you know? Along with being a good weapon for self-defense, knives are also scarier than guns. Surprisingly, this is something that the psychologists say……

Cutting a long story into a short one….. Knives frighten people like hell!!! This could be due to the fear of being stabbed or some may have experienced knife cuts.

Moreover, most of the fights don’t necessitate a gun and there a significant advantage is provided by a concealed carry knife. In many of the self-defense scenarios, these types of knives tend to be more practical and effective than what a gun could turn out to be.

I am not saying for the sake of saying this, as there is a big list of reasons to support this. (Refer below in my write-up)

On a true note, one best knife can’t take the credit of being on the top as there are personal preferences that always have an upper edge.

We have list of some startling concealed carry knives that are handy, safe, durable, and can be a great alternative to firearms.

So, at random times believe in the concealed carrying with these pocket knives.

Note: Do check the State laws before investing in one.

Let us not waste more time….

Concealed Carry Best Fighting Knives: A Quick Lookup



  • Fast & Intuitive

  • Solid & Wiggle-Free

  • Non-Slip Textured Grip



  • UV & Heat Stabilized

  • Terrific Non-Slip Grip

  • Light, Affordable & Durable


pocket knife for self defense

  • Strong Pocket Clip

  • Open Blade Lock Included

  • Small, Desirable & Beautiful

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

concealed carry knife

1. KA-Bar 1482 Large TDI Enforcement Knife

The concealed carry knives are very popular among the police detectives too. This knife specifically proves for self-defense and is designed so.

The blade’s angle exhibits power and strength and can be kept concealed anywhere. Comes with a faster deployment feature and features a 2.5-inch blade. If this is legalised in your area then a good one to opt.

The knife is black powder-coated and is made of AUS 8A stainless steel. You have a choice to go for a serrated or a straight edged knife. It features a Zytel handle and possesses an overall length of 5-5/8 inch. Make it a point to carry this when you are chasing a suspect.


  • Features a black metal belt clip

  • You can keep it concealed on your pant belt.

  • The handle is Zytel textured.

  • Designed for self defense.

  • A quality knife with stainless steel.


  • Rusting issues if comes in contact with water.

     ★ Runner Up ★       

best concealed carry knives

2. The Spyderco Delica 4 Lightweight Knife

The Delica4 by Spyderco is a great knife constructed with a superior blade steel and is available in vibrant tones of a variety of colors. The blades are made of VG-10 steel and an opening hole of 13mm.

This one is a first choice of law enforcement and military personnel. This knife is extremely light in weight and dual skeletonised liners of stainless-steel form the part of the interior of the handle. This provides more sturdiness to the knife.

The construction is ergonomic and the blade’s spine is of quality (slip resistant). The knife also features phosphor bronze washers that help in making the opening and closing action smooth and comfy. This comes with a bi-directional texturing and you are able to hold it better.


  • A stellar knife

  • Comes with a non-slip grip.

  • A very sturdy one.

  • Made of superior steel.

  • Comes with an easy deployment feature.


  • Some quality issues.

     ★ Also Great ★       

concealed carry knives

3. Benchmade 551-1701 Carbon Fiber Griptilian

A knife that is built with a stainless steel blade of 154 cm and can be used as EDC (every day carry). This proves beneficial for any hard jobs and is tough and corrosion resistant.

An attractive knife with a nylon handle (glass-filled) and can be opened or closed using one hand. The knife is comfortable and well designed with versatile qualities. A utility blade with a drop point and functions meticulously with a great performance.

You can use it confidently for tactical applications and outdoor activities. The handle is firm and secure when you hold with a razor-sharp blade of 3.5 inches. Ensure it to buy from an authorised dealer for warranty issues.


  • A well-designed blade.

  • Versatile and comfortable to use.

  • Features an axis lock system for quick opening and closure.


  • A little dangerous to use.

     ★ All Time Great ★       

best concealed carry knife

4. Sog Tanto Edc Knife – Flash Ii Tactical Folding Knife

The knife can be used on a daily basis. Opens and closes quickly as is assisted with opening technology. The closed length of this knife is 4.5 inches and the blade length are 3.5 inches.

A versatile knife and is partially serrated. Light in weight this knife is a pocket blade and a tactical folding one. Features a piston lock that makes it the most secure of all and can be opened single-handed.

The knife is anti-peel and scratch resistant. It has a weight of 3.1 ounces and the nylon grip is glass reinforced. Comes with a Black Titanium Nitride coating and is a fast clip knife and can be easily carried in a pocket.


  • Can be used easily on a daily basis.

  • Opens quickly.

  • Versatile and can be used single-handed.

  • A durable knife for life.

  • Partially serrated knife.

  • Features a piston locking system.


  • Has durability issues.

     ★ Editor’s Choice ★       

personal defense knife


This is another knife that is a concealed knife that behaves like gentleman and is quite tough too. This features great open and close mechanisms.

The knife is constructed with AUS-8 steel and is a 2.5-inch blade. The finger groove helps is providing solid grip, and has tactical looks.

The handle is elegant and made of aluminum (hard-anodized). This is versatile and can be used as a utility, camping, survival knife.

These knives are durable and last long. You can just bring this knife to action by twitching with a little pressure. The company takes care of repair and replacement costs.


  • A great camping and out-door knife.

  • Features a tough aluminum handle and is hard-anodized.

  • Can be folded and opened quickly.

  • Can be used as an EDC knife.

  • A durable and a long-lasting knife.


  • Packing issues when received from the company.

     ★ Best Selling ★       

hidden knives self defense


The Cold Steel EDC is a durable and an effective tactical knife. The knife blade is of steel and has a DLC coating. A rough, tough, strong and a knife that can stand scratches and wear.

Can be used for self-defense, stabbing and other purposes. Excellent grip is provided by the finger grooves and also provides an ergonomic comfort.

The hanging weight of the knife is 800 lbs and features a safe folding system. This one comes with a double-dealing skill and can be easily operated by right or left-handed people.

The blade is near the stop pin that makes the opening and closure safe and secure. The handles are tough and come with G-10 feature. A topmost choice of law enforcement and military units, martial artists and defense professionals.


  • An example of innovation and one of the safest knives.

  • Can be easily used with left and right-handed people.

  • A good self-defense knife.


  • Too stiff to use.

     ★ Premium Choice ★       

concealed knives for self defense


The Zero Tolerance blade is one of the best folding knives available on earth. This comes with a DLC coating and has a handle of carbon fiber.

A knife that exhibits strength, has attractive looks and is lightweight. The blade thickness is 0.121 inches and the back, sturdy and is made of titanium.

It possesses a fast opening quality and cuts amazingly. Very comfortable when held in hand, and is built with edge retention improvisation.

The size and weight are both in proportion and the knife is styled to perfection. It works well for survival experts, hunters, military, business professionals, first responders and more.


  • Best folding knife on earth.

  • Sturdy, attractive and lightweight.

  • Comes with a quick opening feature.

  • Features a S35VN steel blade.

  • An ideal gift for weddings, anniversaries, holidays and more.


  • Quality issues sometimes.

     ★ Most Comfortable ★       

concealed carry best fighting knife


A safe knife that can be used with one hand and is assisted with a quick opening feature. This has a reversible pocket clip and can be carried with ease and comes in a sleek and stylish design.

The knife comes with a secure liner lock and a firm grip. This can be used in water and marine conditions too. Can be used by hunters, fishers, outdoor men an EDC for cutting cord, rope and wood.

A reliable knife that comes with a blade length of 3.5 inches and can be easily sharpened for endless use. The handle is made with rigid aluminum and features a built-in thumb stud. A knife that is not too obtrusive and sharp to cut things. Available at an affordable cost.


  • A knife that features a safe opening.

  • Can be used single-handed.

  • Features a built-in thumb stud.

  • Provides a quality grip and is perfect for being used in water and marine conditions.


  • The thumb studs are not properly executed.

     ★ Best Budget ★       

pocket knife for self defense


The Kershaw Filter a knife that is comfortable to carry and comes with a handle of stainless steel that is coated with black-oxide and. The knife appears sturdy and has corrosion resistance.

This works as a great gift for knife lovers and proves beneficial for workers, plumbers, welders, machinists, mechanics etc. A capable knife and can be used with ease and are extremely cheap at cost.

It features finger grooves that are deep and provide an easy grip to hold. Can be used with single-handed and also features thumb stud for easy opening and closure.

A knife that is best suited for any tough environment like garages, construction sites, campsites, warehouses and more.


  • A sturdy knife with a stainless-steel handle.

  • Capable knife that speaks of power and durability.

  • Comes at an extremely reasonable cost.

  • Can prove great in tough environments too.


  • Sharpness issues

     ★ Very Sharpest ★       

defensive knife


The Heckler and Koch Karma (HK) is another great knife that boasts of quality and of course they are manufactured by one of the best manufacturing company of Germany.

This proves extremely effective and beneficial when it comes too self-defense. Serves great as a survival weapon too.

The blade length is 3.75 inch and can be used to deploy to a length of 9 inches overall. Can be used single-handed by left or right-handed people. When folded the length is 5.25 inches.

It features all a glass breaker, strap cutter and also an oxygen valve wrench. This tanto blade comes with partial serrations and is used for stabbing purposes.


  • A quality knife from a quality manufacturer.

  • Can be used for self-defense and a survival weapon.

  • Suitable for left and right-handed people.

  • Partial serrations can be used for stabbing purposes.


  • Sharpening issues.


There might be situations that can make you realise that you should have carried a compact knife with you. Many of them use just a single pistol gun and no backup gun. But we feel we should always have options in case of any emergent situation that may arise.


It’s obvious that your gun might malfunction or go bad, after all it’s just a tool. Then it is wise enough to carry a backup weapon. It is your life for sure! Fixing up your gun might consume time thereby putting you in danger.


There might be situations when you might run out of your ammo. When dangerous attacks of terrorists or mass shootings happen then an extra is certainly required. in your mind you remain relaxed that you have something in buffer.


In survival missions and close combat situations there might be chances that the attacker may try to control you by making you handicapped and overpowering you. They may knock you or your gun down. And that is the moment when this little defense weapon will prove it’s worth it. With your other training techniques don’t forget to train yourself with this knife.


When you buy a knife, you should absolutely and clearly be aware of the rules of your terrain. Many of the regions follow strict rules regarding their usage. Different states might have different approaches regarding knives, some may have a narrow view and consider it deadly or some may have a broader view.

You might have heard of a knife license; states may allow you to carry a concealed knife with a CCW license. On the other hand, some states permit only firearm usage with a license. Be vigilant about your state laws in order to avoid any trouble for your rights.


Close and emergency situations call for a need of a concealed knife. You should make it a point to carry one. These knives have the efficiency to help you out in specific situations.

In case your gun goes down

When you try retaining your fire gun

Unable to access your gun


The Size

Before buying a concealed knife, you should make it sure that you choose the knife with a perfect size. Since the knife has to be kept hidden, so it becomes very important that the knife should fit in properly when you carry. You might position in a belt or may use it as a boot knife. Just look for the apt size before buying.

The Weight

A light weight knife is always easy to carry and deploy. So, buy a knife that features this and provides maximum benefit to you.

good self defense knife

The material used is directly responsible for the knife’s weight. The knives that are constructed with alloys are lighter. The blade performance and manoeuvrability are also enhanced with this.

best self defense knife for a woman

The Handle

A knife with a good grip is all that is required, after all a handle handles everything. The ergonomic and diamond weave handles work well.

Just imagine if the knife grip is not firm then its bound to slip and turn things messier. A good grip ultimately makes a great knife. Go for a knife that is comfortable in your hands.

The Blade Length

The legality issue is attached to a blade length. But how? The municipal authorities of the terrain you stay might not allow certain knives to Be used.

Ensure it before buying otherwise you may land into some trouble. A blade that is more is also difficult to conceal, so a compact knife is always suitable. You should not have any grievances with the local authorities and assure that everything is kosher.

The Blade Point Design

The blade point come with different designs and features. Before choosing the right one just, go for the research and the purpose you want the knife for.

  • Trailing point

  • Clip point

  • Drop point

  • Tanto point

  • Spear point

  • Straight back

small self defense knife

The one you choose depends on your need and requirement. You should check the local laws before buying one. As a survival and a concealed carry knife you can choose a clip point, spear point or a trailing point. The blade point design ensures maximum performance.

The Blade material

Stainless steel and alloy bends are commonly used materials for constructing blades. A good material will always prove beneficial in the long run. They should feature anti-peeling quality and should be corrosion resistant. This is only possible if the knife is manufactured with a good material.

The Edges

The modern-day knives are available with different edges, mainly being serrated, hybrid or flat. They are also related to a knife’s functioning. For emergency scenarios you can choose any good knife for self-defense or survival missions.

The Quality

When you are choosing a knife for a concealed carry or self-defense, it is everything about your life and death.

hidden knife

Buy a knife that is manufactured with premium quality materials and a firm grip. Quality delivers the best when you use, and the mind also remains at peace.

The Brand

Brand is everything and one should try to purchase it from an authorised dealer to avoid any warranty, repair or replacement issues.

A branded product will always be durable and last long and serve you for years without hassles. You will save your maintenance costs too.

The Price

horizontal carry knife

The price is something but not everything. Nothing is more than your life, so do see the price tag but don’t compromise on quality if the knife fits in your budget. The fast-moving technology and world today provide you with constant change and that too soon.

The Wrap Up

The article describes in detail about the knives and their features. Now it is completely at your discretion what to choose and what to buy? If you are a stabber or a slasher then you will choose a different knife as per your need. Choosing a fixed blade, folding blade or an OTF also depends on your requirement.

Sit back, relax and consider the things before doing your purchase and do follow your state rules and regulations prior to your decision. So, much you spend on things for your safety then while buying a knife that will guard you, never compromise with its quality.