The Most Deadliest knife In The World ([year] Updated)

In this age of push-button mass death weaponry, some of the people may regard a knife as an old-fashioned weapon.

But on a serious and a true note the knives are still one of the most preferred and versatile gear even in the highest level military units today.

Unlike people, the knives are also different and each one is created with innovation and uniqueness.

Be it the most deadly or dangerous knives of the world each one has a different style and purpose to cater to. Some knives may work as a stabbing tool more or a puncturing tool, while the other may be a better choice for fighting/survival/close combat situations.

Depending on your need you may like a long thrusting dagger or a pure fighting knife….getting confused!!! Please don’t be as we have a plethora of knives for all sorts of situations.

Choose wisely among the many options that have been constructed by the world's top-rated brands and we have short-listed the 11 magnificent and most deadly knives below:



     ★ Jagdkommando Knife ★       

best pure fighting knife

1. Poshland RAM-211, Full Damascus

The Poshland RAM-211is a masterpiece and the most dangerous knife in the world. This is an awesome spiralling masterpiece, and one of its kind.

The overall length is 10 inches, handle length is 5 inches, and the blade length 5 inches, with a leather Scabbard included. The blade knife features a beautiful pattern and made by 1095/15N20 alloy steels that give an excellent edge with sharp cutting abilities.

The blade hardness is HRC 58-60 in the lab and has been sharpened to a sharp edge. A durable and handmade leather sheath is a part of the product when you purchase.

The Full Damascus double round edge dagger knife is designed to last forever.

     ★ Military Knife ★       

best combat knife in the world

2. Gerber Strong Arm - Fixed Knife

Since 1968 Gerber has been making survival knives for the US Military. So, these carry a legacy of tough-as-hell fixed blade knives that work great for survival and combat applications.

Whether on-duty or off this knife is reliable to use and comes with a sheath that can be mounted in a number of ways. This features a black ceramic coated, fine-edged, full-tang 420HC blade.

The Gerber strong arm is designed on the basics of military survival-training. The diamond-textured rubberized handle that provides you with a firm grip.

The effective rescue operations are possible with the striking pommel that is positioned at the base which functions to break through hard surfaces.

This fighting knife should be handled with care to avoid any injuries while the user operates it for close combat situations as the rubberized grip may be slippery.

     ★ Fighting Knife ★       

best fighting knives

3. Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B High Carbon

When it is about most dangerous knives then Smith & Wesson aims at creating deadly knives for all situations. You can rely upon this tool in any situation if you are a knife collector, first responder, or a survivalist.

The product dimensions are: 9 inch, overall length, blade length of 4.7 inches, and a weight of 7.7 ounces. The product is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

The blade is constructed with reliable 7Cr17MoV high carbon stainless steel and come with a black rubber wrapped handle. It becomes an ideal choice for everyday carry and the hand guard keeps the blade secure.

The handle of the knife is a bit slimy, so should be tackled cautiously.

     ★ Survival Knife ★       

most dangerous knife in the world

4. SOG Tactical Folding Knife

The SOG Tactical Folding Knife is another deadly knife that is known for its quick access and an ideal pocket emergency knife. This professional knife measures 4.8 inches in closed length and serve as a rescue knife for paramedics, firefighters, SWAT team, etc.

This tactical first responder rescue knife features a cord-cutting groove for cutting seatbelts, lines, and cords. Under the pocket knife handle this includes wire stripper, glass breaker, and an extra line cutter blade.

The thumb studs can be used to access the assisted opening knife, while the lock back mechanism secures the blade while deployed.

The stainless-steel knife features a partially serrated clip point blade with a knife handle that is made of hard-anodized 6061-T6 aluminum. The SOG folding knives are built-to-last and the repair and replacement requests are taken care of.

     ★ Butterfly Knife ★       

worlds deadliest knife

5. HTOMT Butterfly Stainless Steel

The balisong or the butterfly knife has to be a part of the list of the deadliest knives as this is unique with certain exceptional features.

This is made of stainless steel material that provides excellent corrosion resistance, is durable, sturdy, and the color is not easy to fade.

The overall length is 9”, and folding length 5.3” and the handle stays comfortable with balance holes that give a strong feeling. Though this is safe to use but still the users of this feel it a dangerous knife to tackle.

This is a perfect one if you really like butterfly knives and are a beginner or an intermediate user. The knife mechanism is a bit different and difficult for the unfamiliar users or beginners to deal with.

This features no sharp edges, no-offensive blade and a free screwdriver is available with the product.

     ★ Dirk Knife ★       

most dangerous knife

6. Damascus Steel Scottish Dirk Knife

This dangerous knife stays unique with handmade Damascus steel and a great piece of art. This is a fully functional knife with a handle made of dark rose wood with a stunning pattern on the blade.

This features an especially designed belt loop that can be easily separated from its sheath if required. This is a long thrusting dangerous dagger.

Overall Length – 17.00 inches, handle length – 05.00 inches blade length – 12.00 inches blade width – 1.5 Inches. The knife is made of high-quality contents that provide a brilliant edge with sharp cutting abilities.

The blade hardness is HRC 58-60 and is hand sharpened to a sharp edge. This is an appropriate gift for any collector and the features a beautiful fire storm pattern on blade with a firm grip.

     ★ Stiletto Knife ★       

types of fighting knives

7. TAC Force TF-719BK Assisted Tactical Knife

The TF-719BK is one of the most dangerous stabbing knives and the spring assisted design offers easy one-hand deployment.

The blade tends to loch safely once opened with the use of its liner lock. This includes a seat-belt cutter and a glass breaker keeping it ready for any emergent situation.

The TAC force is easy and safe to carry, features a 3.25-inch, 3mm thick drop point stainless steel blade with a black aluminum handle.

Whether it is slicing, cutting, rescuing, or opening your favorite beverage then this folding tactical knife is of great use.

Available in a wide range of styles- from collectibles to fantasy and hunting knife to tactical.

     ★ Ka-Bar Knife ★       

best fighting knife

8. KA-BAR Marine Corps Fighting Knife

The Ka-Bar USMC is the most lethal knife and the most famous fixed blade knife design world-wide.

This was specially designed for serving the US troops during the World War – II. Even after 50 years you rely on its quality and design.

Proudly manufactured in the United States this full size knife boasts of 1095 carbon-steel blade which is coated with epoxy powder.

This also includes a leather USMC sheath and a 7” straight edge blade. While the knife is made in the US, the leather sheath is made in Mexico.

This is a perfect gift while celebrating a military anniversary or retirement else can be showcased with pride.

     ★ Glock Knife ★       

deadliest knife

9. Glock Perfection OEM Fixed Straight Knife

The most dangerous knife names can be given to Glock perfection and this is without a doubt an ideal addition to your tool kit.

Manufactured in Austria this saw back survival knife features a tough 6 ½ inch and a Carbon-steel clip point blade with a molded polymer hilt.

This is robust enough to cut-through the toughest tree limb or break the windows yet balancing wonderfully for the right conditions. This comes with a one-piece polymer sheath that is suited for keeping the 3/16 inch blade securely.

The integral retention system keeps the Glock Knife secure even in the times of extreme activity. The users of the knife have words of appreciation for this OEM fixed-straight blade field knife.

     ★ Seax Knife ★       

deadliest knife in the world

10. SZCO Supplies 203341 Seax with Sheath

A one-handed single edged weapon which was considered as a type of sword in the early Viking era is a seax knife. The SZCO Supplies 203341 is a medieval Seax that features a wooden handle and beautiful brass studs.

This sharpest knife by SZCO Supplies has an overall length of 15.5 inches and the blade remains durable and reliable with stainless-steel material.

The knife includes a sheath that keeps it safe and secure while not in use. The wood handle ensures a firm and tight grip and has a brass pommel with the guard.

This is an affordable and good addition for your knife collection and fits in the category of deadly knives.

     ★ Tanto Knife ★       

deadly knife

11. KA1245-BRK Black Tanto

This black Tanto is an armour puncturing tool which is 100% synthetic. The Tanto blade is made from 1095 Cro-Van steel and a non-reflective epoxy coating with a black Kraton G handle.

This comes in an all-black powerful color featuring an 8 in. blade. The overall length of the knife is 12 7/8 in.

The black hard plastic sheath keeps it durable and reliable. This knife is perfect for close combat situations and influenced by the Asian Tanto blade shape.

Brilliant penetration is possible with this thick pointed blade and makes it one of the deadliest knife in the world. This has a black carry system: Kydex Sheath Handle Material.

Types of Combat Knives

Conceivably, the knife is supposed to be one of the oldest tools used by humanity.

Generations to generations, knives have been used in different walks of life. Not only for daily usage but also for some dire and intense purposes and situations the knives are known to serve humankind.

They have been used for many combat situations too. Let us go through different knife types:


1. Seax

Starting back from the Iron Age (1,200 B.C.E.), the Anglo-Saxon warrior blade known as the Seax used a dagger-style knife which was carried as a close combat weapon and an all-purpose utility blade through the middle ages.

2. Gladius

Later on, the Roman Pugio place was taken by a its larger cousin, the Gladius- a short sword, carried by the Roman soldiers and this being a standard-issue combat tool.


3. Japanese Tanto

This knife has actually stood the test of time, features s straight blade with an abrupt angle on the knife tip. The blades are stout than the Japanese longswords and were often used for close-quarters combat. They were also used for performing seppuku, a ritual in which suicide was performed for restoring familial or personal honor.

This era was entrusted to knives which were not influenced by Western culture.



4. Karambit

This knife came in the 11th century, and shares a prestige as that of an aggressive combat knife. Though its origin are quite humble from the Southeast Asia, where the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra used the Karambit shaped as a tiger claw.

With time the blades became sharper, had more curves, where some of the karambits were even folding types for more convenience and easier concealment.

A peasant blade in the history is one of the most frightening knives in today’s times.

5. Kukri/Khukuri

These were used in 16th century by the Gurkha soldiers in Nepal. The Kukri is supposed to be on the larger side of the spectrum. The origins of this knife is again the agricultural avenues like that of the karambit, and are a transformation of harvesting sickles.

6. Dirk

The Dirk is related to the seafaring warriors, is particularly a dagger-style knife and actually from the shores of Scotland.

The Dirk was designed specifically for combat for thrusting in close-quarters. One of the most effective ones as the sailor’s fighting knife and the navies’ world over (notably Russia).

This was also considered as a standard equipment for officers and midshipmen.

The Modern Era

7. The Trench Knife

These knives feature a dagger-like blade with an ergonomic handle, and a wrap-around knuckle guard made of metal.

These were quite effective for slashing and stabbing and offered little function outside combat, hence were replaced for utilitarian reasons. Prior to WWII these were stopped being used.

Contemporary Combat Knives

8. Glock OEM Field Knife


Initially, this was developed with the input of Austrian Army Rangers, and is a fixed blade knife which functions both as a functional bayonet and a fighting knife alike.

9. OKC Marine Combat Knife

This was crafted purposefully for the soldiers in the U.S. Armed Forces. This is a strong-built, made with 1095 carbon steel, fixed blade knife which is built-to-last.

Some more in the list are which are designed with the latest technology:

10. Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Utility Knife

11. Ka-Bar Combat Kukri Knife

12. Gerber Mark II Knife

13. Cold Steel Steel Tiger Karambit

14. Buck Knives 0119 Special Bowie Knife

15. Eickhorn KM2000 Fixed Blade Knife

The Final Verdict

Before you buy, just go through the features, blade type, material, and shape of every knife.

Order the one that suits your specific needs and use them with care as these bladed weapons could harm or cause you with injuries.

Most of the knives listed above are deadliest and the most dangerous that can be used in emergency situations, warfare, and fighting or military purposes. These are surely the ever constructed knives and you can select the one you like!!

Upgrade and enhance your knife collection…..