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Hey there, my name is Diogo Flores da Siqueira and I am a knife expert. I worked as an assistant to Flavio Ikoma, the legendary knifemaker who invented the revolutionary IKBS ball bearing pivot system which changed the whole knife mechanism for the entire world.

I was the member in this project and had the privilege of working with legends like Rick Lala. I was also a part of Flavio’s Deadbolt innovation. I was among the finalists of the popular reality show ‘Forged in Fire’.

Knife making is in my blood and I know even the tiniest details about knives and its usages. Knife making is an art and only the people who understand this make the finest of the knives.

One day after reading Your Life Isn't for You'' by Adam Smith, a thought flashed in my mind that what is the use of all this knowledge if it is not shared? So I decided to Share my 25 years of experience with people like you, who have an interest in getting the finest knives.


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