How to Sharpen Scissors with a Knife Sharpener?

Scissors form an integral and important part of our day to day lives. It may seem like an invisible and obsolete item in the house or office but is really of great need when the correct time comes. However, Blunt scissors can be really frustrating and annoying. So it is always quite handy to keep sharp scissors always ready for use.

The question that instantly pops up within our mind is how to sharpen the scissors? Well, a very easy and effective way is to sharpen the scissors with a knife sharpener. It does not require any rocket science for this only some common sense would suffice.

So here we would learn on this aspect of sharpening the scissors with a simple knife sharpener. However, none of this advice applies to high-quality beauticians or grooming scissors. They must be given to a professional to be sharpened by hand or someone equipped with a machine suitable for as an improper technique or equipment can easily destroy them.

But the point is what kind of knife sharpener to be used? If you are talking about an electric sharpener you cannot use it unless it has a guide or setting for scissors.

If you are thinking about sharpening with whetstone, it is possible, but it is difficult to do so. You will also need a larger honing stand to give you adequate bench clearance.

Various fixed angle tools can also accommodate scissors and many smaller sharpened tools such as rods or round files can be used, and often with greater ease when the scissors can be opened or shut, ‘around,’ the thing at the suitable edge.

The easiest way to sharpen the scissors is to use them to cut the sandpaper though (bend the sandpaper so that both sides face the abrasive side) by cutting narrow strips from the same sheet and then proceed to fine grind. A single # 240 and then a # 400 grit sheet will do the trick for most scissors.

You can use a specially designed scissor sharpener or a professional knife sharpener. Scissors sharpeners are fine for use because it holds the blade securely, and they can sharpen two blades instantly. Knife sharpeners are good for sharpening as they can be used for a wide variety of blades. Sharpeners are safe, and they are much more accessible for use.


1. Keep your scissors separate. Use the inside of the blade and insert the scissor into the sharpener. Pull the blade about 10 times on the knife sharpener. Repeat it or the same technique with another blade. Do this until you get a sharp edge that you need.

2. Grab the scissors and place them in the gap of the scissors sharpening mechanism and press the scissors as you cut 10-15 times and you have razor-sharp scissors.

sharpen scissors


To sharpen the plain, household scissors that are a too dull start, use the thicker side of a bench stone. Just open the scissors and fasten the edge to the stone. Draw the blade from one quit of the stone to the alternative cease, while keeping touch with the stone. After a few rounds, repeat the exercise with an excellent fringe of sandpaper or sand.

how to sharpen scissors with a file

If using a curved blade to sharpen the scissors, use the same method stated above, Making contact with the blade and the stone.

best way to sharpen scissors

If the scissors have very long blades or you are using a very small stone, you must sharpen the blade into parts.

how to sharpen sissors

To sharpen the pruning scissors, it is necessary to separate them first. Done because the pruning scissors are sharp and can cause injury. Place the blades that are to be sharpened on a flat surface, and attach all surfaces with the sandpaper, coarse stone or coarse embossed cloth. You will know that when you have all the surfaces equally sharp, you do it.