Microtech Ultratech Reviews – The Best Out the Front Bang for the Buck

When it comes to OTF blades, microtech Ultratech knives are insanely cool. They are one of the strongest OTF knife manufacturers in the world. They are known for their amazingly crafted designs and affordability,  see its unboxing here.

The Microtech ultratech is known for its quality steel and durability. In addition to this this blade is also known for its texturing and ergonomics.

It is a great OTF knife to own and is also really popular, it has been used in many cult movies like Batman series (Olympus has fallen). It is fast and has a spectacular double action. So let’s find out more in detail in the following review.

Detailed Review:

This knife has all the action, material and the looks. This blade can be your companion for a long time. Out of tons of knives available in the market the Microtech ultratech has a unique swag, click to activate the best deal on this product that expires soon !

The basics of this knife is as follows:

microtech otf review

  • 3.44” Blade length

  • 8.5” Overall Length

  • CTS -240P Blade

  • Aluminum Handle:

  • 4.625” Handle length

  • Double action

  • Made in USA


microtech otf knives amazon

We have in detail reviewed the Microtech ultratech on knife life score. It can be defined as your passion and personality reflected in the knife you carry every day in your pocket.

The key parameters in this are performance and quality. Palatial detail and classy design are also important. The higher the life score the more confident you would be carrying it.

The total score is of 100 with each section consisting of 10 marks each.


microtech utx 70 review

When you talk about premium OTF knives then Microtech ultratech surely comes in the top 3 position in the present times. Although the competition is tough yet, the ultratech remains surely at the top category in the premium category.

It is due to its reliable action, amazing design, premium material, and its multiple color combos. The sharp sound of this incredible knife is music to a knife enthusiast. On the top it is awesome to use it.


Microtech Ultratech Fit and Finish

The fit and finish of the Ultratech is super. From the recessed screws to the 4 sections of the handle jimpings this knife is gem to see. The claw logo on the thumb side and front is icing on the cake.

The step design that ends at the X on the top makes it an amazing site to gaze at. The only con that slashes some points are due to the small bit of blade play in the locked position.

But that is a common problem in almost every OTF knife. But Ultratech is better at that also when compared to other more expensive blades. As the blade in Microtech Ultratech is barely visible.


Zip and zap would be the definition of this feature in Microtech ultratech when it comes to action and lockup. The mechanism never malfunctions even after firing it for hundreds of times.

The OTF knives need lube for this function and the dry mechanism can destroy the knife. With Microtech ultratech you would have no such problems whatsoever. During the initial usage you may feel a little bit of stiffness. Eventually it fades.

But this is done intentionally so that no accidents happen when the blade is in the pocket.


Microtech Ultratech in pocket

This segment is important if you are touché about your style and the things you carry with you, including knives. The Microtech ultratech has it all sleek design, screw placement, blade design, and glass breaker which makes it a coveted knife to own.

The bolt in this design is that lanyard hole or the pocket clip. The pocket clip is slightly clunky and possesses the problem to go full deep carry if you are wearing a thick denim. Also the hole at the front side of the knife is not appealing.


Microtech Ultratech in hand

When it comes to ease of carrying the knife, score 7. It is comfortably light, slim, and is on average great to carry. As mentioned earlier it is easier to carry thin denim as in thicker ones this is a bit clunky to carry.

But even when riding deep in the pocket the glass breaker sneaks above the jeans pocket. It may seem like a cool option to some, but the majority of people don’t like their knives to show off.

It is a decent knife to carry but is definitely not the best of them.


Microtech Ultratech blade

The Microtech ultratech is made with CTS-204P steel which is considered of amazing quality. Apparently the Bohler M390, CTS -240P and CPM- 20CV are the same steel, as they are made by different companies and they are given different names.

Quality wise the knives made from all three are of great quality. It gives the Microtech ultratech drop point design all over except on front 2/3 for branding. But a more subtle approach would have made it more suave.


Microtech Ultratech back

Earlier the Microtech ultratech used to make its blade from Elmax blade steel. It was good steel and had good output.

Now the Microtech ultratech has shifted to more superior steel that is CTS-204P. This new steel is superior in its resistance to corrosion. But this also makes it a little harder to sharpen, this should not be a problem for knife enthusiasts, who loth the corrosion more.

The handle is made with aluminum and is well crafted as for the jimping it is crafty. The knife is highly durable both in pocket and hand and the colors are also vibrant and spot-on. The glass breaker is also tough and well equipped for its usage.

The only con is the Microtech ultratech’ screws. Look wise they are 100% great, but when it comes to unscrewing them in case of any emergency and when the knife is the only EDC available this could be a hard nut to crack. In a sense of usability the screw is not up to the mark.

Ergonomics (Score= 8/10)

The Microtech ultratech is a slim knife that makes the ergonomics good for it. It fits in all hands and it is grippy. Both sides of the knife have subtle curves.

It is slim and long and feels great when all five fingers are around it. But when the thumb retracts the blade it pushes the ring finger and the pinky finger off the knife. Although it is not uncomfortable but is different than most and takes time to get used to it.

Cut Tests (Score= 10/10)

Microtech Ultratech cutting wood

When it comes to OTF knives Microtech ultratech are the thinnest and prettiest grinds available in the market. It can slice almost everything with ease. Even the whittling dried wood can be cut like butter with this blade.

This amazing cutting ability is provided by the stock of the blade which is pretty thick in size which enables it to handle even the heavy use with ease and comfort. When you combine this tick stock with the thin and exceptionally sharp grind you get yourself an out of the world blade.

The Microtech ultratech’s CTS-204P sharpness can last easily for a month even after heavy usage.

Pocket Jewelry (Score= 10/10)

Microtech Ultratech glass breaker

When it comes to style, appeal and overall appearance Microtech ultratech scores full marks. It suits every personality trait. From tactical black, neon pink to deep turquoise they have Microtech ultratech to suit every style and taste.

On the top of it they are also available in star wars themed storm trooper, bounty hunter and even Jedi models. They have a fine and extensive blade style selection and each one of the blades is awesome. Here we are reviewing the base models.

Microtech ultratech makes fine pocket jewelry.

Total Score for knife life stands at 87/100

The Microtech ultratech is indeed a great knife. Its design, beauty, style, cutting ability and even ergonomics is unparalleled. Overall it is an amazing blade to be possessed.

The UTX-70 V/S UTX-85 V/S Ultratech:

Microtech Ultratech

Microtech is popular for making OTF knives, it makes them in every size. The most popular of them are UTX-85, UTX-70 and the ultratech.

The UTX-85

The Microtech UTX-85 is one fine model in OTF knives. It is functional, compact and affordable. It is an all-rounder when it comes to performance and is definitely a collectible item for a knife enthusiast. It gets its unique name because it is 85% of the size of the ultratech.

The Microtech ultratech

This is the king of them all. It is the knife against whom every other OTF knife is measured. There is an automatic in and out firing mechanism present in the Microtech ultratech by sliding the fire button present at the right side of the blade.

Rest features we have already compared in the blog in detail.

The UTX-70

This knife from Microtech is the most compact, automatic out the front knife in the entire market. It gets its unique name because it is 70% in size against the Microtech ultratech. There is also a pocket clip attached to this knife.


The Microtech ultratech is indeed a complete and awesome knife. It is a fun knife too and gives you a confident feeling carrying it. It works well with every side of the switch. A complete knife in every aspect, whether it is style, ergonomics, design or cutting edge. It is an easy to carry blade and can be your complete companion for hiking, camping and hunting expeditions. It fulfils every aspect of being a perfect OTF knife. In its category it is the best. So if you are planning on getting a fine and stylish OTF knife then you should definitely go for the Microtech ultratech.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Microtech knives worth the money?

Yes, Microtech knives are worth every penny spent. They lock out with authority and close up the same way. You can feel the fine quality when you work the actions and hold them. If you have a number of OTFs and of them all you would only take one of the Microtech into danger. They are the best and they work like they are supposed to work.

What is the best Microtech knife?

When it comes to the Microtech knives, there is no match for Ultratech. There is no other OTF knife that matches its level of lust-worthiness in Microtech or the knife industry. Perfectly sized for EDC (everyday carry), this OTF blends a mix of functionality with a snappy double action deployment you’ll surely be playing with all day and night.

Are Microtech OTF knives legal?

The Microtech blade is an OTF knife. The laws regarding non-firearm weapons are by state and very few are present at Federal level. In present times the nation-wide law for switchblades only controls the importation of these knives into the USA. It has no effects on owning, buying and carrying OTF switchblades. This is for the states to decide. The majority of states in the US allows legal ownership of switchblades.

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