Mtech Knives Review – Super Sharp Chef’s Knife

M Tech knives are the robust, amazing and sharpest knives of today. M Tech provides a wide range of knives of different sizes that are attractive and versatile too. Most of them are best suited for hunting, survival training, close combat situations, and camping expeditions. These are sharp-edged knives with rubberized handle. They are made of fine stainless steel and exhibit wonderful features for proper usage.

This US-based company is exhibiting a wide range of knives of different types. Most of them come in a dynamic black color or gold, red and tan also. Rapid one-handed deployment becomes very easy with these knives. MTech USA MT-113, MT-20-12, MT-20-57 BK, MT 20-30 series, MT-A845BK, etc. are all the knives that are good quality ones for using differently in different situations.

Here are our top choices in MTech knives:

A Comprehensive Comparison Of 10 Amazing M tech USA Knives



MTech knives

  • Fastest

  • Best Quality

  • Highly Durable



Fixed Blade Knife

  • Heavy Duty

  • Enough Sharp

  • Lightweight



MTech USA Spring Assist Folding Knife

  • Multiple Use

  • Most Compact

  • Easy And Safe Carry

All MTech Knife Reviewed

1. MTech USA MT-575 Rescue Team Survival Knife

USA MT-575 is a fixed blade knife. It serves as an amazing knife for people who love to do camping expeditions and survival training. It is a great combat-style knife and is perfect for stabbing into hard materials.

The tanto blade of the knife which is made up of 440 stainless steel and is also full tang. The knife’s handle is durable and is made finely using quality rubber for better grip.

Possesses a black nylon sheath which makes the user carry it easily and safely. The size of the knife overall is 10-1/2-inch in length and blade length being 5-1/4-inch. It comes in a dynamic black color and has a black straight edge.

2. MTech USA MT-20-12 Hunting Knife

This knife is an ideal one for survival training and camping expeditions. It certainly serves as one of the best fixed blade hunting knives and is also a tactical one.

It has a sawback with a 440 stainless steel bowie blade. The handle is of a synthetic texture, features finger grooves for easy grip and has a lanyard hole in the end.

The length of the knife overall is 10-inch, the length of the blade is 5-1/2-inch and features 3mm thickness.

Knife users can easily carry it as there is a belt clip inclusive of a black nylon fiber sheath. This knife is very safe to use. The sawback gives it more uniqueness. It also comes in an appealing black color.

3. MTech USA MT-20-57BK With Rubberized Handle

This fixed black blade knife is the most suitable one for hunting and camping expeditions. It is also best suited for survival training. The length of this knife is more as compared with the other ones.

It has a blade length of 7-inch with a 3.5 mm thickness. It also includes black nylon leather sheath. The knife possesses an overall length of 12.5-inch.

Finger grooves in the handle make it very comfortable for holding. The knife has a lanyard cord at the end.

The rubberized handle helps the user to have a firm grip on the knife. It is a stainless-steel blade with a saw back. This one certainly is a wonderful one from the USA. The knife is a tactical fixed blade, one of a kind.

4. MTech USA MT-20-30 Neck Knife

This knife comes in a very different tan shade. We can see by the size that it’s a very compact one.

It is again a knife which is in the market with full tang construction and is also known as a compact tactical neck knife. It owns a G10 handle for superior strength.

This Mtech series knife features a drop point blade made of stainless steel. It comes in a stonewashed finish. The Kydex sheath with a ball chain helps the handling of the knife safe and easy.

The overall length of the knife is 4-3/4-inch. If we compare it with other knives it is smaller in size with just a 2-inch blade length having 2.8 mm thickness. It can be carried anywhere with ease.

5. MTech USA MT-20-39 Fixed Blade Knife

An amazing knife which is 14 inches in length overall. The knife features a black stainless-steel blade with 5mm thickness and has an 8-inch clip point blade.

It also owns a G10 handle which is 4.75”, black and a carved one. The blade color is black, and the knife has a lanyard hole at the end.

It is a full tang knife and is widely used for hunting and close combat situations. It’s again a black bowie knife.

The handle has a thickness of 17.5m and includes 1680 Nylon sheath. An amazing knife with an awesome finish. This knife is crafted with detail.

6. MTech USA MT-A845BK Spring Assist Folding Knife

USA MT-A845BK knife is different from others due to its variety of features. It is a spring assistance knife with folding feature and offers quick one-hand deployment.

It comes with a black colored stainless-steel blade with thumb stud. It has a liner lock that puts the knife safely and securely back into place. It also features a fine black aluminum handle with cut out design. It is an excellent knife for emergencies, can be used as a glass breaker and seatbelt cutter.

The size parameters of the knife are 5-inch in closed length and own a blade with 3.75 inches in length with 3.5mm thickness, easy and safe carry, a pocket clip also comes with this knife. Overall, this is an amazing knife in black color and with a black blade.

7. MTech USA MT-A1024A Spring Assist Knife

A beautiful concealed carrying knife in looks and exhibits a completely different feel. This MTech knife comes with an American Flag handle made of aluminum.

It has a pocket clip for carrying the knife safely and easily. It is a satin silver knife and measures 4.75 inches when closed.

The spring feature helps in rapid one-hand deployment. The satin silver straight blade measures 3.5-inch. It also has a 3CR13 stainless steel blade.

The knife seems very handy and the liner lock helps in putting the knife securely back into place. The colors of the US flag, blue, red and white makes it look bright. It can be used during emergencies also.

8. MTech USA Ballistic Folding Knife

MT-A705 is again a powerful and sharpest knife that has spring assistance. This knife helps in rapid one-hand deployment.

The size parameters of the knife are 4.5 inches in a closed pattern, the stainless-steel blade is 3.75 inches in length and 3.5mm thick.

It also has a pocket clip for safe and easy carry. The spring-assist feature knife owns a liner lock which helps in locking it securely into place.

A black and golden aluminum handle is an added attraction to this knife. It has a screwdriver and a bottle opener as well. All these things in this knife make it an awesome one to use. One just can’t refuse to buy it.

9. MTech USA Spring Assist Folding Knife

It’s another folding knife with spring assistance. It is a very compact knife, comes with a straight edge. This knife has an appealing red color and is very handy in use.

It locks securely into place with a liner lock feature. Again, a stainless-steel blade which owns a black nylon fiber handle.

A lanyard hole is present on the end for looping or holding purposes. The bottle opener is an added feature attached to it. It comes with a pocket clip which makes it easier and safe to carry.

It is a 3-inch knife in closed length with 2.75-inch blade length and a thickness of 3.25 also offers easy and quick one-hand deployment. All these specifications make this knife a unique one.

10. MTech USA MT-A949GY Knife

MTech series MT-A949GY is another spring assisted folding knife which is one of its kind. It offers rapid one-hand deployment and also locks securely into place with the linear lock feature.

The measurements of the knife areas such that it is 3.25-inch with 2.88 mm thickness along with a two-tone straight edge stainless steel blade.

It appears to be a robust and ballistic knife. It is 4.75 inches in a closed pattern. The knife comes in a black and grey aluminum handle.

The knife can confidently be used in emergencies. The glass breaker on the end of the handle and a seatbelt cutter is also there. The knife becomes easy to carry with the pocket clip. It is safe to carry this knife with all these features.

Final Wrap Up:

Sometimes one is short of words while describing the utility of knives, as they are so amazing and spectacular. Their multitasker feature along with many useful parameters makes them the best of all.

The MTech knives exhibit a great range for all the people who love hunting and camping. They prove to be great facilitators for military personnel, close combat situations, and survival training. Some versions of the knives are quite colorful. These knives are safe to use and easy to carry. Less maintenance is required for these knives. MT-A1024A with the American flag is one of my favorites.

So, in a nutshell, we can see and say that MTech is producing one of the best knives of contemporary times. One can use them with confidence and ease. We just can’t resist buying them……right?