[year]’s Strongest OTF Knives – Tested & Reviewed

Out-The-Front or an OTF is a game-changer indeed!!

This is due to its lightweight and hands-free technology. The very first OTF knife was designed for the people who needed a one-handed knife. This was patented in the year 1860 and later to that numerous versions of the knife popped out such as the:

  • Single action OTF knives

  • Dual-action OTF knives

Do you know? Sometimes the OTFs are wrongly referred to as ‘Stiletto’ type knives but the fact is Stiletto blades are often used to create the OTF knives.

Faster than flippers and conventional knives the OTFs are spring loaded knives that eject from the handle by just a push of a button. They are incredibly useful and are versatile handy tools that can be carried as a great EDC or outdoorsman.

Depending on the lifestyle needs these can be used for box-cutting, letter-cutting, camping tool, window breaker, and self-defense and more.

I really like their easy and quick deployment in times of emergencies.

Many brands have been into constructing these cool knives.

READ out more to know about the strongest OTF over the other average or not-so great ones your money can buy….


     ★ Fixed Blade OTF Knife ★       

double action otf knives


The Benchmade Fixed Infidel is an amazing Tactical Fixed knife that is constructed to perform and deliver the best. This knife is an example of style with simplicity and possesses outstanding abilities to act for countless tasks when on the field.

This is a quality knife from America that exhibits toughness and has edge retention too. A tough knife that is made of tough and heavy-duty use and has a coated finish. The blade is tough that can cut through steel and is equipped with a handle of durable anodized aluminum.

The knife has is ambidextrous (suitable for right and left-handed people both) and has a smooth satin grip. The knife is a fixed blade construction and has enhanced stability and has a Boltaron sheath for easy access along with a lanyard hole for easy carry.

The knife acts as a glass breaker and is compact and handy that can be carried anywhere with ease. Designed with a light weight, slim profile this knife is a 133BK workhorse and you must add it to your backpack, survival kit, tackle box or more.



  • A sturdy knife that is manufactured in the US and is constructed to perform.

  • Possesses fantastic toughness and has edge retention with a coated finish.

  • The knife that is versatile that can be used for heavy-duty use.

  • This is equipped with a double anodized aluminum handle.

  • Is suitable for right and left-handed people both.

  • This fixed blade construction has a smooth satin grip.

  • Razor like sharpness.


  • A bit expensive.

  • The sheath is bulky.

     ★ Recommended Dual Action OTF Knife ★       

good otf knives


The Venom Tiger Z is one of the sharpest combat knife in  the world that is made with the best material and can be used as an EDC tool. A knife designed for special forces throughout the world and has attractive looks. This comes in a Cameo pattern with hardware that is blacked out.

The double edge blade is of 3.9” and has cutting and tearing power beyond compare. One of the best knives on the earth that has a reversible pocket grip and can be carried in different positions (back and front both).

Looks nice and rides low when clipped and also features a glass breaker pommel that can be sued for breaking anything in any kind of emergency. The blade length is 9.4 inch and the overall length is 3.9 inch along with a blade thickness of 0.3cm (.11in).

The knife is constructed with premium quality stainless steel. 440C. This weighs 260gms (gross) and has a total weight of 430gms. A product that is affordable and reliable too, and is made proudly in the US. A knife that has a great traction and is loved by customers. This is equipped with a tactical nylon pouch too.



  • This is a powerful all-purpose knife.

  • An affordable and reliable product that performs par excellence.

  • This features cameo handles and has tiger stripes with a black hardware.

  • The knives made in the US and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Equipped with a tactical nylon pouch.

  • A super sharp and a strong knife.


  • Heavy in weight for some users.

     ★ Serrated Out The Front Knife ★       

dual action otf knife


The Viper 3, OTF is a knife beyond compare and is a bit different from other knife with serrations. From soft interiors such as bread, sausage or tomatoes to hard crust or skin these knives can cut through anything for sure.

This opens and closes very fast and makes a great out-the-front knife. This features an aluminum handle that is durable and light in weight. The attachment can be done with a pocket clip whenever necessary and for convenience. A sleek design, nice blade, strong and solid construction what else is required?

A knife with an above average mechanism and is light in weight too. A product that comes with an affordable price tag and has a great safety mechanism. A knife that is effortless to use and the complete safety lies on the back of the back of the knife.

After getting used to using this knife you can use it single-handed. Needless to mention the knife features looks that are like a handsome gentleman. The knife and the blade both are black and seems like a weapon though being a small switch blade.

A knife with advance sharpness and right now available in a powerful black color. A knife with advanced sharpness and can cut through anything, shows anti-rust and anti-corrosion qualities. Follow the manual before using this knife.



  • Features a serrated blade that can cut through almost anything.

  • This out-the-front knife can open and close with ease.

  • Features a pocket clip for easy carry and aluminum handle.

  • A knife of ideal size.


  • Suitable for single action mechanism.

  • Available in one color option.

     ★ Best OTF Double Action Knife ★       

best otf knives


The NNK Sigil is a double action outdoor knife that is tough build and features a classical black look. This is an affordable knife though a bit similar to that Infidel. This one has impressive features that make it look and perform great.

The moment you take this in your hand a sense of freedom prevails and has a tough feel with a razor like sharpness. The knife is uniquely designed for dual action and for opening or closing it only the sliding of the switch is required.

The slide is made to go forward and backward and so simple is the operation. The Sigil comes with a double-sided blade that makes the cuts clean and is constructed with a durable material. Stainless steel of 420 high-carbon is used to make this robust knife.

Also comes with a safety gear that brings convenience and security that prevents extending against any item. A knife with a good weight distribution and an ergonomic design that is capable to fit in your hand well protected.

It comes with a spring that’s strong as is not equipped with a thumb buster. The product dimensions are total length: 23cm / 9in, length: 9.0cm / 3.5inch, thickness: 0.3cm /0.11inch, width: 1.8cm / 0.70inch.



  • A compact knife with a super sharp finish.

  • Gives a solid feel and has a good weight distribution.

  • A knife that is easily affordable.

  • This one performs smooth action.

  • Made of high quality 420 high-carbon steel.


  • This is heavy in weight.

     ★ Best Budget OTF Knife ★       

best otf double action knife


The HaoMing knife is a great out-the-front knife that is handy, compact and serves as a camping tool. This is the best choice of users when we talk about knives with a minimal profile and maximum action.

The blade is efficient enough to offer quick and rapid deployment and the retraction mechanism also works great. A razor like sharpness this is a knife that opens and closes smoothly with a solid click. But you shouldn’t be worried as this doesn’t make any accidental opening or closing while being clipped or dropped.

No screws and the integrated glass breaker hold the knife clip and has a rubber like-layer that is non-slippery and stays for a long time. On releasing the blade, the clip faces the opposite direction downward and this doesn’t allow any water to go inside.

This is a knife that exhibits comfort, sturdy-build, and a nice visual-appeal. The knife performs great while you are camping with your friends or family. This is EDC (every day carry) knife and is different from the other OTF’s due to its small and handy design.



  • A knife with a visual appeal and razor like sharpness.

  • A sturdy-build.

  • One can easily afford this one.

  • Comfortable to use.

  • A knife that offers rapid deployment and works well for camping tasks.

  • The knife has a nice visual appeal.


  • The product carries no cons as such.


Before buying the best OTF all the parameters should be studied carefully. OTF’s are preferred because of their easy utility, strength and practicality. We have tried to make your choosing task easier by listing a few points that are greatly potent.

The Material of the Blade

When we buy a knife or any product then the material is of prime consideration. The similar thing is applicable for the OTF (out-the-front) knives. In case you buy a knife that has a blade of inferior quality then all other features become secondary to it.

Stainless steel build knives are sturdy and durable when put to use. The knives of this material are cost effective too and don’t chip. Break or rust easily. It is easy to maintain a knife that is of good quality and will last long for years to come.

Easy Deployment Mechanism

The method by which the blade is made to come out of its resting position is called deployment and easy deployment is directly connected to easy handling of the knife. Some knives come with a dual action mechanism and some with a single one.

Retraction and deployment of the blade is something that is done by knives which have a dual-action mechanism while with single deployment you need to use manual force. Dual action knives are more preferred and discussed above in the article too like the Benchmade Infidel (double action).

A Sturdy Handle

When we use a knife, handle is the part that remains the most stressed out and you can easily imagine a weak handle will come out easily and may prove risky too. While using a knife there are vibrations, springs, clips and other factors, that require lot of strength to keep the knife going.

Even the deployment cannot take place easily along with the operation of the knife with a weak handle. Knives with aluminum handles are more preferred and are more durable and lighter in weight.

The Safety Mechanism

When it is a knife, it is about your safety too and accidental deployment can happen anytime so the safety factor required complete attention. This is and should be a mandatory feature for all knives as this can save you from any injury and sudden cuts. Beginners should take care of this positively.

The Glass Breaker

The OTF’s are glass breakers mostly and provide you with this comfort and convenience to break a knife in any emergency. This feature can be added or removed as per your choice, but is good to keep and use.

The Tip Of The Blade

OTF’s are used for stabbing and it is recommended to buy a spear tip design to make your task easy and effective. The tip of the blade should be considered before buying as this holds a lot of importance when you use these knives.

The Sheath

When you buy an OTF you should ensure it that the sheath is suitable for them with a closed blade too. This is also at your disposal what you want to choose and buy as this accessory is a rare one.

Pocket Clip

For your ease and convenience while you transport your knife a pocket clip is all that you require. This is essential and you can get it if doesn’t come with the product.

Wrap up

From dual action to glass breakers to camping knives, a huge range of OTF’S are available for you to choose and buy. Marvelous details, superior quality, easy deploy, strong build …… so much these knives carry that can make you feel complete. This is a must to add it with your gear and use it with ease and convenience for the purpose you have bought it for. They come in all ranges and can suit your pocket too. Choose a one that lives and performs for you for decades to come and enjoy its benefits.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Q1. Which OTF knife is supposed to be the best?

Ans1. The knife which suits your needs is supposed to be the best for you. If you want a knife for self-defense, EDC, camping or as a utility knife, and the features you should go for should be according to that. For example, for dual action Benchmade Infidel is good and for low budget knives HaoMing and NNK are preferred.

Q2. What are the most important things you should look for before buying an OTF?

Ans2. The details of all the factors can be found out from the article above that are important before you invest in for the right OTF knife. All the important credentials related to a good quality knife like the material, handle, sheath, clips, easy deployment techniques, safety mechanism and others should be considered seriously.

Q3. Can OTF knives used for self-defense?

Ans3. The OTF knives serve best for close encounters than the self-defense quality. These are light in weight, compact and easy to carry and have razor like sharpness. Not so commonly used for self-defense these are more useful for other purposes such as utility, EDC, camping, and also heavy-duty use. These fit into your pocket and are very convenient to carry.

Q4. Are the OTF’s legal to carry?

Ans4. The laws and regulations that are attached with the knives are different for all terrains. Though, these knives are allowed by most of the states but the concealed carry might be a trouble for some people in a region. It is recommended to check the laws and rules before you invest in such a knife.